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Redefining Elegance: Incorporating Sustainable Living into a Timeless Interior Designers Home

Recognizing the need for a mental reset, I decided to take a break from social media to reclaim my time, focus on my clients' evolving needs, and search for my new home. It was time to set down roots and embrace my ethos of authentic interior design and my love, connection, and creation values. It was time to invest the energy in creating my own "Interior Designers Home".

The initial days of the detox were challenging. The habitual urge to check notifications and scroll through feeds lingered, but as the days passed, a sense of liberation and clarity emerged. Without the constant distraction, I became more present in the moment, fostering a renewed love and yearning for creativity.

Pottery workshop
Pottery Workshops

"My favorite gifts of embracing slow living are reclaiming the time and tranquility to make meaningful connections—with people, with culture, with work, with nature, with my own body and mind."

Prince Albert is a vibrant creative hub, where artistic expression and artisanal crafts flourish harmoniously with the town's rich cultural tapestry. Recognizing the profound impact of creativity on well-being, I immersed myself in the town's artistic scene, attending pottery workshops and exploring the studios of talented local artists. The famous quote, "Creativity creates more creativity," came to life in this inspiring environment.

Yet the challenge of finding the perfect home was a journey in itself. Holding space for your hopes and dreams, your family's lifestyle needs, and the roller coaster of emotions as you search for the space you can feel at home in. The hopefulness as you view each property and the subsequent disappointment when you realize it's not what you had hoped.

Eventually, I stumbled upon a hidden historical gem, Die Kuierhuis. Nestled in the iconic Church Street of our quaint and colourful village. As an interior designer with a history in sustainable architecture and a penchant for renovating the interiors of heritage buildings, I was irresistibly drawn to the charm and heritage of Die Kuierhuis. Transforming this space has allowed me to weave my passion for preserving history, sustainable design, and authentic interiors into every corner.

Die Kuierhuis - Where to stay in Prince Albert
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Die Kuierhuis is a timeless architectural gem with roots dating back to 1856. Its enchanting gable and thatched roof have a magnetic allure that captures the essence of bygone eras. A time when craftsmanship and slow living were innate in the architecture and design of homes. Walking through its rooms felt like stepping back in time, a soothing contrast to the hustle and bustle of contemporary life.

Embarking on my personal restoration project, I was filled with enthusiasm and excitement. With the assistance and guidance of local contractors, we rejuvenated the space, transforming it into a captivating blend of antique charm and eclectic contemporary aesthetics. Lance, from Prince Albert Plumbing and Home Services, was instrumental in guiding me through the renovations of historical buildings and rejuvenating the bathroom at lightning speed. Nothing like a hot shower at the end of a hard day's labour.


Navigating the complexities of timelines and budgets during the initial meetings with contractors brought forth feelings of overwhelm. Despite years of experience guiding clients through such processes, designing my own home proved to be an emotional journey. Renovations on older buildings bring a plethora of challenges one does not find on newer buildings.

My solace came from applying my 4-step design process, seamlessly transitioning from my vision into my authentic design style and then through the frustration of renovations.

Hold the vision and trust the process was my daily mantra

The interior design style of Die Kuierhuis reflects a harmonious blend of antique charm and eclectic aesthetics. The carefully curated decor pays homage to the past while embracing the conveniences and interior trends of the present. This fusion of styles not only revitalizes the space but also celebrates the evolving nature of design while honouring its architectural craftsmanship. Each room is adorned with antique furniture, ornate eclectic decor, and unique touches, creating a timeless atmosphere that perfectly mirrors the rich history encapsulated within its walls.

Eclectic living room
Living Room with warm wood and pops of colour

The interior has been rejuvenated into a captivating blend of farmhouse antiques and eclectic contemporary decor. Imagine the charm of antique wooden furnishings blending harmoniously with the clean lines of modern art pieces. This interior bursts with character, and I've added pops of vibrant colour throughout, injecting life and energy into every room. Every item of furniture, every rug, and all the paintings hold stories and secrets collected from my travels throughout the world. Each piece is carefully placed to create a narrative of my life that has embraced the architectural details of the spaces.

Beyond the doors lies a hybrid living experience that's a truly unique Karoo affair. Our beautiful garden beckons, offering the perfect setting for a morning coffee or an al fresco dinner while the gentle hum of windmills and the soothing hoots of owls serenade you. It's a tranquil escape, embodying the very essence of slow living—a respite from the fast-paced world outside.

The gardens have gone through a similar rejuvenation process as years of neglect and weeds were removed and repaired. Local water-saving succulents were planted, and fresh herbs and veggies are sprouting as I write this post. Now, as I walk through the growing greenery, I feel a profound connection with nature and creativity—an experience often overshadowed by our digital dependencies.

With more than enough space at Die Kuierhuis, I have designed the Stilte Kammer. A truly unique accommodation experience for travellers and like-minded design enthusiasts who have come to experience the local artists and craftsmen.

Guest Bedroom
Guest Bedroom at Die Kuierhuis

The centrepiece of the room is an exquisite antique wooden bed, complete with crisp white linens and a plump duvet that beckons you to sink into a peaceful night's sleep. The bed is flanked by softly glowing, vintage-style lamps with ornate bases, casting a gentle, comforting light.

A distressed, farmhouse-style dresser offers ample storage for your belongings. Its aged wood adds character to the room while providing modern conveniences. The dresser has an antique mirror that reflects the room's soft lighting, creating a sense of spaciousness and serenity.

The room's large, wooden-framed window offers ample natural light and farmhouse shutters for privacy. The bed is perfectly positioned to receive a sun-dappled patch of light that invites you to curl up with a good book or simply bask in the warmth of the sun.

Taking a break from social media not only allowed for the rediscovery of my love of interior design but also facilitated a transformative journey of self-discovery. Engaging in a tangible, creative project that was my own provided an escape from the digital noise, enabling a deeper connection with both the surroundings and the rich history embedded within the village. So, the next time the digital world feels overwhelming, consider stepping back and engaging in a hands-on project—you never know what hidden gems you might unearth along the way.

Sustonica sustainability accreditation

The concluding chapter of this transformative journey involved collaborating with Sustonica to craft a green and sustainable guest experience. As the final brushstrokes were added to the canvas of Die Kuierhuis, the focus shifted towards weaving environmental consciousness into every aspect of the guest experience. Partnering with Sustonica was a natural choice, given their commitment to sustainable solutions for short-term rentals that resonate with ecological responsibility.

But there's more to this story. If you find yourself in Prince Albert, why not extend your stay and be a part of my design journey? Join me for an exclusive interior design workshop, where I'll personally guide you in creating your dream space. You'll learn the secrets of seamlessly blending old and new, and leave with the skills to transform your living space into a work of art. You can read more here about a personalized interior design workshop.

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I want to support your design journey so you can create an incredible, transformative space!


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