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Female empowerment comes in forms as diverse as the women in our society. Supporting women in our constantly changing world requires a multifaceted and dynamic approach, with a deep reverence for their personal growth and sovereign purpose within society.

Women are the real architects of society” – Harriet Beacher Stowe

The word ‘empowerment’ often conjures up terms like equality and an inclusionary workplace. They certainly are seductive concepts. Let’s be honest - who doesn’t want to feel empowered? There is a similar emphasis on the term ‘wellness’ - mental, physical, and spiritual.

However, there is a dark side to these modern cultural trends. They prey on our pride, our obsession with youth and our need for connection. They add pressure to women who are already overburdened in fulfilling their multiple roles as mothers, homemakers, businesswomen and leaders. It takes courage to say “enough is enough” in a culture that sees exhaustion as a prerequisite for success.

To say, as a woman, that I need to be empowered implies I have no power. To say I need to pursue a life of wellness implies I do not already possess the intuitive understanding of how to achieve and nourish joy within my own life. It is time to re-define these words: empowerment and wellness. Let us use self-agency as the foundation of our rebirth. It is now up to us as women to define what these terms mean to us and how we will create them within our own lives.

When women feel connected to themselves, their purpose, and their environments, anything we envision becomes reality. If we cultivate this belief in all women, it will flow into the family structure - which in turn will ripple through our communities and offer transformative and creative solutions to the business world.

One of the ways in which we as women can form a connection to ourselves and our inner creativity is through the principles of interior design. Here, we can create transformative spaces that support women in living their best lives possible.

As Interior Designers, it is not enough for us to design spaces merely for style and luxury. We have the ability to impact people’s lives through design. We must trust and foster an intimate understanding of their lifestyle, values, spiritual and wellness goals. Only then can we craft interior spaces that nurture their definitions of personal growth, empowerment and well-being.

We need to look beyond trends and colour. We need to look for intuitive solutions (and even to Mother Earth) for inspiration. We must become unwavering in our commitment to the materials we specify and limit toxins within our spaces. As female designers, it is our responsibility to stand in our power amongst other built environment professionals. We must deepen our interpretations of holistic, wellness-focused design and healthy buildings so we can meet our clients from a place of expansive awareness.

Interior Design sits at the intersection of traditional philosophies, fashion, wellness, alchemy and art. It is rooted in ancient techniques of well-being that should be adapted to the modern world we live in today. The spaces we create must allow women to detach from the noise of the outside world and be present with themselves. These places should be ones of the sanctuary.

There are five key areas in interior design that cultivate a more balanced state of mental, emotional, and spiritual health in any given space:

1. It should respond to your functional needs and lifestyle goals. The interior of your home or commercial space should have a flow that expends minimal energy and effort to navigate.

2. It should facilitate human interaction. It is important to create different spaces that allow you the privacy to connect to yourself, or social spaces for deep, meaningful (or even playful) connections to others. Flexibility between these spaces is of utmost importance.

3. It should encourage a connection to nature. We are intrinsically happier and have a greater sense of calm when surrounded by natural elements. A connection to nature can be evoked through the use of plants, well-planned lighting, views of nature, and by including aromatics throughout your home.

4. Colour should be intentionally chosen. Colour has a direct impact on our mood and state of mind. Your emotional and spiritual goals must be understood for colour to have a positive impact.

5. Objects that positively contribute to our lives should be kept, even if they do not follow a design style or trend. Some elements of our interiors have intrinsic emotional value. They can create a positive emotional response in and of themselves.

Our spaces tell the story of who we are. They are our sanctuary and places of inner reflection. What separates you from others are your values and your authentic expressions of your life’s purpose. Design your life with unwavering intent and commitment. Using our voices to claim our spaces with courage and compassion has become the ultimate revolution.

My commitment to design is to create spaces that inspire, empower women through the process, and create a sense of true belonging through authentic expression. I aspire to create spaces for women so that they feel supported —in how they live, work and create a home and life that is authentically you. You are welcome to read more about my design philosophy here and see past projects here.

I would be honoured to gift you the Ultimate Guide to Your Authentic Interior. This guide is 4 step process, which will give you clarity on your unique design style and take you through the design journey in an exciting and exhilarating way.

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