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Updated: Feb 11, 2023

The details are not the details. They make the design. Charles Eames

How important is paying attention to minute details in interior design?

The best place to start is just to touch on what interior design is and then to take a look at why every detail of design is essential. "Interior design is the process of shaping the experience of the interior space. Read that again, think about it for a moment.

We have all been led to believe interior design is about furniture, colour, patterns, and lights to name a few. Interior design is the art of bringing all these elements together to create an experience.

A tall order I know! So to achieve this an interior designer needs to assimilate aspects of architecture and environmental phycology, Product design, ergonomics and colour theory. We spend years studying these disciplines and then invest our careers in perfecting the intimate bond between them.

Explaining this to your clients is like describing the calmness of deep meditation to someone. It is impossible. To understand and experience the art of interior one needs to ask yourself catalytic questions and reflect deeply on your answers.

My catalytic moment came in the most surprising way. I was aimlessly strolling the streets of a little village in Italy looking for a place to have a quiet cup of coffee. I saw this sign that said "SPAZIO EXPERIANZA".

I was intrigued, so I decided to walk in. in broken Italian I asked what the meaning of the shop's name was. The conversation that took place, thankfully in English, has been a source of inspiration. I paraphrase it here as the impassionated conversation cannot be encapsulated in a single article.

The spaces we design shape people's daily lives, how they live, how they work, how they communicate and how they love. Design is about creating an immersive experience for the people in the space. They can see, touch and smell everything in the space. The sounds they hear are influenced by the choice you make in the design. The careful placement of furniture will influence how they walk and move through the space.

People experience the art of design on every level of their being. it is our responsibility as designers to hold sacred the experience of that space. Sarah, Urban Savvy Design

Now let me give you a hypothetical situation: Have you ever met a friend or had a business meeting in a coffee shop? The sound of the coffee machines and the stomping of feet as people walk around the space. You constantly say "Sorry, I didn't hear you please say that again". The leather seat is sticking to your thighs in the midday heat and as you try to edge forward on your seat you smash your knees into the table legs.

You feel agitated. Why is that? Because the details of the design have not been carefully considered. What if the floor didn't accentuate every footstep or the table had more spacious leg room?

I agree with Emes's quote " The details are not the details. They make the design" I would go one step further and say the details shape the experience people have over the lifetime of the space.

How do we as interior designers start then with the process of creating a space? my suggestion is we need to ask better questions, catalytic questions about the vision and intention of the space. We need to ask a deeper question about our clients' lives and future dreams.

Catalytic questions encourage further thought, deeper reflection, sharper insight, innovations and better designs.

Taking the time to ask significant questions and the art of deep listening to the answers communicates to my clients that I really

want to know and learn about them at a deep level. An asking and listening approach is an excellent way to build rapport and trust.

It gives me as the designer, an opportunity to take a deep dive into my client's values, lifestyles and dreams. The spaces I create for them become the sanctuary that houses all these aspects of their lives.

From these answers, the design process starts to look at the architectural details of the space. What can be changed? What architectural elements will remain? As the designer, I start investigating solutions to be blended into the architectural space in a manner that meets my client's vision for the space.

From this point onwards I start drilling down on my client's authentic design style and how to bring that into the space. Creating a mood and feeling that is an extension of their personality.

Every detail is paramount throughout the process. From asking the right questions to the details in the response. Finally, the details of the stitching on the scatter cushions, the hues of the colours and the delicate blend of light that moves through the space.

A successfully designed interior will allow you to feel completely at ease and in harmony with the space. It will feel grounded and your eye will move effortlessly through the room.

Many of you reading this are style savvy, and you have incredible ideas for your space. You love design and interiors but you are still intimidated by the process.

Yes investing in your home and space may feel overwhelming! Many may wonder, what happens if I make a mistake?

I would be honoured to gift you the Ultimate Guide to Your Authentic Interior. This guide is 4 step process, which will give you clarity on your unique design style and take you through the design journey in an exciting and exhilarating way.

You will love it!!! get your copy by going to

My commitment to design is to create spaces that inspire, empower women through the process, and create a sense of true belonging through authentic expression using interior design.

In this beautiful immersive interview with Deb from @roomplays, we discuss Authentic Interior design, catalytic questions and deep listening. needs

It is becoming impossible to deny how important our physical world is to us. We shape our homes and afterwards they shape us: our feelings, our thoughts, and how we function daily.

Wellness, joy, and wholeness are our natural state of being, but somehow we have forgotten that these gifts are our life force. So I am interested in your journey towards your authentic self and the sweet spot where your home meets your heart. Therefore, I aspire to bring into being, unique spaces where you can return home to yourself. A home where you can rejuvenate and create the life of your dreams.



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