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Be you & share that with the world 
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then you are all you came here to be. 

I am Sarah one part mother, one part creator and one part spiritual seeker. The intersection of these three parts is my magical authenticity. I believe that creativity is a heart-centred inspiration and its birthplace is in your soul. Interior design is one expression of creativity, yet it influences how we live, how we work and most importantly how we connect with ourselves, each other and nature. 

It is becoming impossible to deny how important our physical world is to us. We shape our homes and afterwards they shape us: our feelings, our thoughts, and how we function daily.

Wellness, joy, and wholeness are our natural state of being, but somehow we have forgotten that these gifts are our life force. So I am interested in your journey towards your authentic self and the sweet spot where your home meets your heart. Therefore, I aspire to bring into being unique spaces where you can return home to yourself. A home where you can rejuvenate and create the life of your dreams. 

My bookends of professional achievements are as follows: I have won a few awards and I have been involved in designing guest houses, science centres and hospitals that have won awards. Then, I pivoted my career to the hospitality industry to design the interiors for wine farms, tasting rooms, and tented banqueting halls and I was fortunate enough to design a few guesthouses and Airbnbs across the world. Then it was my passion for architecture and the environment that compelled me to assist with the launch of an international conference for Sustainable Green Buildings.

My career has been fun and I have met outlandishly awesome people along the way! And yes, these experiences have all been pivotal in shaping my approach to design. But in an epidemic of loneliness, the answer to me is, unequivocally, designing our lives and homes around connection: – to ourselves, nature, and each other.

Everything I create now comes from a collection of all these experiences and wanting to leave the world more beautiful than I found it this morning. I think that beauty heals us—beauty in language, in sitting quietly, in friendship, in nature, and in our spaces— our physical spaces and our heart spaces.

My commitment to design is to create spaces that inspire, empower women through the process, and create a sense of true belonging through authentic expression. I aspire to create spaces for women so that they feel supported —in how you live, work and create a home and life that is authentically you. 

I write about the journey of Authentic Interior Design for living a purposeful life on my Blog and I share all my skills and knowledge in the Masterclasses in the Design Alchemy Academy. I would be honoured if you joined the ultimate design revolution. 

​Do we all not deserve to feel inspired, joyful and to express ourselves authentically? 


We are all walking each other home Ram Dass 
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Ready to create your authentic space? .

Let's connect on zoom for 30mins to see if we are in alignment.

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You’re an essential part of who we are. You’re a vital part of the Whole.

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it is your birthright to live in alluring beauty

We need you to be healthy.

We need you to feel fulfilled to be able to create enough.

We need you to be in love with yourself.

We need you to feel deeply connected to the reason you were born

Capture the Essence of your home 

Being a mother to a boy with a big heart and a magnanimous spirit has called me to explore the biggest question I have ever asked myself. 

"You have one precious life, Sarah. How do you want to feel while you're alive"

This started the journey towards exploring love, wellness, self-care and a more wholehearted way of living life through essential oils. 

In a true sense, a woman is the very existence of nature.  She is selfless-love, purity, grace and dignity. She symbolises virtue, great inner strength, tremendous patience, resilience and fortitude. She is the pillar of strength not only to her family but also to her community and society as a whole. 

I bring these beautiful experiences into my work to support you in using essential oils in your home. 

Sarah xoxo

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Ready to explore the essence of your home? .

as an extension of your design style and lifestyle choices? 

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